10 Inspirational Wooden Advent Calendars Holidays

2015-11 Pinterest Wooden Advent Calendar

Growing up, advent calendars were always a part of the excitement leading up to Christmas. Why not take a more reusable approach with a wooden advent calendar? I have rounded up 10 inspirational calendars that are on my wishlist!

  1. Cubie, the Snowan
    Etsy Cubie the Snowman
  2. White Tree Advent Calendar
    Etsy White Tree Advent Calendar
  3. Lighted House Advent Calendar
    eBay Lighted House Advent Calendar
  4. Traditional Gold & Silver Santa Advent Calendar
    eBay Gold and Silver Santa Advent Calendar
  5. Santa’s Advent House
    eBay Santas Advent House
  6. Wooden Santa Advent Truck
    Amazon Wooden Advent Truck
  7. Mr. Christmas Animated & Musical Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar House
    Amazon Mr Christmas Workshop Advent Calendar
  8. Santa Climbing Smokestack Advent Calendar
    Amazon Santa Climbing Advent Calendar
  9. Snow Capped House Advent Calendar
    Amazon Snow Capped House Advent Calendar
  10. Wood Santa & Sleigh Shadow Box Advent Calendar
    Amazon Wooden Santa and Sleigh Advent Calendar

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