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By far my favourite rooms to decorate have been the kids rooms, especially the little Miss E’s! I love all of the bright, girly colours! Using the Canadian Fat Paint‘s chalk paint was a simple and easy way to take some mismatched, previously loved furniture and spark new life into them!

Skill Level:



1 full day or a weekend depending on amount of area to be painted


$$ = $100 for furniture, paint and varnish


  • Chalk paint (I chose Fat Paint purchased from Benjamin Moore)
  • Varnish
  • Paint Brush
  • Sanding sponge
  • Headboard and Side Table (I found the bed frame and side table from VarageSale)
  • Rolling paint brush and handle

2015-11 DIY Chalk Paint Bedroom P


  1. Lightly sand all the areas you will be painting using a sanding sponge.Sanded Furniture for Chalk Paint Project
  2. Prep your pieces. Wipe the furniture down with warm water with a little dish soap and vinegar and then dry. Remove hardware and tape off any areas that should not be painted.
  3. Test that the paint will adhere to the chosen material in a small, inconspicuous spot. Chalk paint is awesome because it will stay on pretty much anything, but better safe than sorry. After about 30 mins use your fingernail and lightly scratch the painted surface. If it does not come off you are in the clear! The headboard looked like it would be fine but I was nervous about the side table as it was quite glossy.
  4. It’s time to paint! Using a paint brush or roller apply chalk paint. Wait about 20 mins between coats. Their website says 2 coats. I found I needed 3 coats to get full, rich coverage. Their website says to only use a paint brush, but I found that it always left brush marks behind. If you want a smooth finish I recommend using a roller on all flat surfaces and the paint brush everywhere else.
    2015-11 DIY Chalk Paint Bedroom Image
  5. Instead of using the Fat Paint wax, I used a regular varnish. Half the price and finishes with very little gloss. Wait a couple hours after the last coat to make sure the entire surface isdry. Apply the varnish the same way as the paint, using a roller on flat surfaces and a paint brush everywhere else. Wait 20 mins between coats here too. I chose to do 2 coats on most surfaces but on areas that I thought would experience the most wear such as the top of the side table I did 4, although 3 probably would have been sufficient.
  6. Once the side table is dry, reattach the handles. Now you are all done! Congratulations!
  7. Wait about 2 weeks before using it to ensure the paint has cured well enough. I know, I know, you are probably impatient like me but it will actually take 4-5 weeks for that process to complete but should be usable after 2.
    2015-11 DIY Chalk Paint Bedroom 3

Tips and Tricks:

  • Fat Paint has great instructions online that I found very helpful. Also the ladies at Benjamin Moore were incredibly helpful (and even answered some questions over the phone when I got stuck)
  • Using a roller paint brush uses up more paint faster.
  • I wanted a smooth clean finish to my project, but chalk paint is much more famous for its more weathered and antique looks. Check out Sand & Sisal for “3 Painting Techniques for Furniture“.

According to Amanda… the verdict is:

This was my first project using Fat Paint and it was as easy as I thought! I was shocked at how little paint I needed for 2 pieces of furniture and how nicely it applied. When I started this project I thought I would have it done in a few hours but between setting up, sanding, painting, dry times, coats and clean up the project took me an entire day. Although taking longer than I expected, I would definitely recommend this project to a beginner. Easy, straightforward and relatively quick to refinish furniture!


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Based in Toronto, Amanda is a full-time mom of 2 little monsters, creator and editor of the blog According to Amanda ( and since that isn't enough to keep her busy she also manages her own marketing consulting agency, Amanda Mercier Consulting (


  1. So happy to hear you had a successful and enjoyable first experience with us! Hope to see some photos!

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