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I would be leading you amiss if I wasn’t completely honest, juggling my professional life and family life with young kids is hard. I love it but keeping all the balls in the air with being a full-time stay-at-home-mom, my professional marketing contract work and maintaining According to Amanda is quite a challenge. I knew before starting out that I was going to need some serious help staying organized. I did a lot, and I mean a lot, of research before picking the right tools to help me manage and there was only 1 that met almost all of my criteria, CoSchedule.

CoSchedule: The Right Planning Tool For Your Blog?

CoSchedule is an all-in-one marketing calendar that brings my content and social media all into the same place. I can easily manipulate my content and social media using their simple drag-and-drop interface. It also integrates seamlessly with WordPress, Evernote, Google Docs, Google Analytics and major social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages. This editorial calendar has it all!

CoSchedule: Pros

  • My absolute favourite part of CoSchedule is that it is a one stop shop for all my planning and scheduling needs. I can easily map out my publishing dates for my upcoming blog posts AND write and schedule all of my social media communication as well. So if Mr. Z is sick and needs more quality momma time, I know that my blog baby is still taken care of through CoSchedule! Below is a sample screenshot of CoSchedule’s drag-and-drop calendar viewed in WordPress which can also be viewed it on its own webpage.

    CoSchedule WordPress Calendar

  • Pre-Schedule your social media content through their simple format to ensure the highest level of exposure. Below is a sample screenshot of the social media interface.

    CoSchedule Social Queue

  • CoSchedule is built right into WordPress so you never need to leave your dashboard to plan and schedule your content.
  • Incredibly simple to identify the most popular past posts using their analytics tool. Then once selected it is so easy to reschedule the post for more visibility. Below is a sample screenshot of the their analytics tool. It displays your Pinterest performance but you are unable to schedule it from CoSchedule.

    CoSchedule Analytics Top Posts

  • So many training tools available to learn how to use the tool effectively.
  • Easy workflow management for your entire marketing team makes this tool perfect for keeping not just you on schedule, but the whole group.
  • CoSchedule has a huge free resource library full of marketing templates, worksheets, guides, infographics, and more.

CoSchedule: Cons

  • No longer displays the Twitter count (According to CoSchedule there has been a deprecation of the Tweet count feature that CoSchedule relies upon to provide Social Sharing Analytics for Twitter. They are currently testing alternative methods)
  • Does not integrate with Pinterest or Instagram so I still need to schedule these independently.
  • I would love if it had an app to help schedule and publish social media so if I come across something on my mobile I can easily add it to the calendar.

According to Amanda… the verdict is:

There are many free tools available on the market that can only do pieces of what CoSchedule is able to do in its intuitive and simple editorial calendar. Is it worth the $15/month (US)? I believe so. Maybe its my Type-A personality but after testing it for a month I believe being this organized is worth every penny.  I hope in the near future the Twitter analytics will be fixed and that the CoSchedule team will work together with Pinterest and Instagram.

If you are interested in using CoSchedule for your business, please Contact Me to see how I can help you implement tools like this and other exposure/revenue generating marketing and promotional strategies to help your business succeed their website. For more information on working together, review Partnership Opportunities.

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Please Note:
CoSchedule offers a discount for written reviews as well as referrer links, however as per all my blog posts I only post what I 100% believe and the opinions are completely my own. I was very happy to write this post and share my very positive experience.


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  1. Hey Amanda! Thanks for posting this awesome review of CoSchedule. We’re so glad you like it! Yay for being organized!

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