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Over the years I have taken the kids to a myriad of different play gyms and activities looking for something fun for them to burn off some energy and maybe give myself a few minutes break. Generally the places I visited were under staffed, dirty and equipped with cheap, well used structures and toys. Joey’s world could not be more different!

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Joey’s World is the largest indoor playground in the Durham region in Ontario, located about 45 mins East of Toronto. It includes a four tiered play structure, three exciting slides, 20-foot rock wall, multi-sports simulator and dozens of other activities. They have just added Sky Trekking which is Ontario’s largest aerial ropes course, with 21 challenging elements up in the ceiling overtop the seating area.


We’ve had the chance to come as a regular visitor, we’ve hosted the Z Man’s Birthday there and also attended as a guest to a birthday party too. No matter when we’ve come we have been impressed with the friendly and helpful service and the amazing facilities that let the kids be kids to run, climb, jump and slide for hours!

Joey’s World: Pro’s

  • Incredibly clean facility. All accessible areas are clean and tidy, including the bathrooms!
  • The structure is big enough to keep kids entertained for hours (and I mean hours)!
  • The Sky Trekking course was so much fun! I got the opportunity to take 4 yr old Miss E up and we were able to do a couple of the elements geared for beginners. It was incredibly safe with great instruction before heading into the sky!
  • There are 2 toddler areas for children under 3.
  • The multi-sports area is fun for the young sports enthusiasts
  • Drinks and snacks are available at a fair price (no outdoor food is allowed)
  • The Birthday Parties are very well organized and stress-free!
  • Website is clear, informative and helpful!
  • Looking forward to one day being able to try out their babysitting option available when the kids are older!

Joey’s World: Cons

  • I couldn’t let the kids have all the fun! I headed up into the play structure with them which is definitely on the “pro” list but as a “con” I have noticed quite a lot of dust build up on top of the structure equipment. It’s not accessible by guests just visually unappealing. A quick cleaning should remedy that.
  • The facility is not ideal for children under 1.5 years of age. The play spaces are adequate for younger siblings to play but the facility is designed overall with the old ages in mind. The toddler areas are monitored and the staff do come periodically to ensure the older kids are not running amok within but inevitably they do get in. I have had to ask kids a few to get out because of rough play around my kids when they were younger.
  • Sometimes the indoor playground can be quite overwhelming when there is a group of older rougher kids racing through the structure. I generally call ahead now before going to see if there are any big birthday parties scheduled.
  • Prices for the indoor playground are fair at $9.45 for a single play pass and $7.45 for additional siblings but if you also add the Sky Trekking on for another $14.95/person the total bill becomes a little pricy. I would save the Sky Trekking experience for the older more daring kids of about 6 or 7 years of age. Miss E only did 3 of the 22 elements.
  • Parking is fairly poor. There are only a few spots directly in front of the door but you can park on the street and in the loop. I try to park on the road which seems safer for my vehicle than the tiny crowded parking lot.

According to Amanda… the verdict is:

I love Joey’s World! The kids always have an amazing time when we go and I can choose to either crawl through the structure with them or sit back and relax in the seating area with a fresh cup of coffee. I would say the facility is great for kids 2+ and to look elsewhere for children younger. Not an ideal place for a group of moms on mat leave with just babies.


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Image of Indoor Playground courtesy of Joey’s World:

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  1. I would love to bring some friends to burn some of the winter cabin fever off 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to joeys world will have to go!!

  3. Brandee H Says: January 4, 2016 at 10:01 am

    I would live to win passes because I think my son would have a blast!! We’ve never been before. It looks like fun!

  4. I’d love to win so I can take my 4 children to burn some energy! It’s been years since we’ve been to Joey’s and I know they would LOVE to go back!

  5. I Love taking my kids to Joey’s World!!

  6. Melanie Barclay Says: January 4, 2016 at 11:07 am

    I have never been here and i think my kids would love it!!

  7. Robyn Bellefleur Says: January 4, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    I would love to win to take my kids. It would be something fun to do during the winter months.

  8. Stephanie Says: January 4, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy for the past few months and my very energetic 3 year old and 18 month old have been mostly couped up at home. I would love to take them to Joeys World to burn off some of that energy!

  9. Rebecca Moss Says: January 4, 2016 at 6:49 pm

    Love Joey’s World for my 4 little ones, ages 3-9. However had a 9 year old birthday party there and would say it didn’t quite live up to what we had imagined. We do love to go there in the really hot or really cold weathe, I like that I can participate or totally take a break !

    • Yes, that’s when we use it most as well. It’s a shame the bday party didn’t work out as well as you wanted. Anything specific happen that could be fixed next time? We had a bday party there and it was pretty seamless but a group of kids under 4 aren’t too hard to impress!

      • Would love to take my niece and nephews. Looks like so much fun and would help with the winter boredom blues.

  10. My 6 year loves joeys world, but we always need to bring a friend 🙂

  11. My boys love it there! Now that my twins are in school, it will be a different experience with just my one little guy, but can’t wait to go again!!

  12. Lauren Miller Says: January 7, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    Would love to win passes as I have two energetic boys that need outlets to burn off steam, and this looks like the perfect place to go and have fun!

  13. Joey’s World was a Mom Cafe favourite play place over the past few years!

  14. Valerie Miller Says: January 13, 2016 at 5:38 pm

    Looks like fun!

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