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Have you ever stood in your closet and looked at your most beloved items, remembering some of the adventures you’ve had in them? The band t-shirt from your favourite concert, the sweatshirt that traveled around the globe in your backpack, the running shorts that you wore as you completed your first triathlon. Oddly enough, the one item in my closet that has consistently found its way into the biggest moments of my life as well as many of the more routine ones are: flip flops.

  • They adorned my feet as I walked down the aisle towards my awaiting husband-to-be
  • They are the first item in my luggage when travelling south in the winter
  • They were safely packed in my hospital bag awaiting the arrival of my babies
  • They are thoughtfully stowed in my purse for a girls night out.
  • They are hidden in the backseat of my car and always create the “ahh….” moment when I slide my feet into them after wearing those beautiful, yet impractical, heels all day at work
  • They lay haphazardly near the front door ready to be thrown on when rushing out the door with kids
  • They sit patiently next to me as I relax, feet up, with a glass of wine in a Muskoka chair at the cottage laughing with friends

The list could go on and on. It’s strange really, who would have thought that a Canadian girl living where is gets as cold as -40 degrees Celsius would find that of all the items in her wardrobe, flip flops would be the item that define comfort, relaxation and pleasure in her life. They are the silent partner in my adventures and my trusty, versatile companion on my journey through parenthood.

The Little Black Flip Flop

Over the decades I have worn a wide variety of flip flops. Most barely last a season and fewer yet require their share of “working in” before I can comfortably throw them on as I rush out the door with kids in tow. I was excited to come across what may be the perfect black flip flop by the Canadian company, Girl Two Doors Down (GTDD). These sexy little black flip flops are a perfect complement for my favourite little black dress or would be the ideal ally when running errands in my lulus.

2016-02 Flip Flop Pic

Not surprisingly, GTDD have taken Hollywood by storm and been seen on Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, the Desperate Housewives (Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, Nicole Sheridan), Britney Spears, Emmy Rossum, Michelle Trachtenberg, just to name a few. They have developed a cult-like following with loyal customers buying 3-4 pairs at a time, while some are “hoarding” them at 19, 25 or even 40 pairs! A company spokesman said they even have a customer buying 4 pairs of the same shoe… for their 4 different homes.

2016-02 Flip Flop celebrity

Girl Two Doors Down specialize solely in classy, sexy and sassy flip flops with bling. Each sandal is printed with cheeky sayings such as “I believe in hard labor, my fingers lift precious rocks all day”, “The only thing better than one, is two cabana boys.” or “These shoes are so A-list, they need their own red carpet.” and accessorized with high-quality crystals. These little black flip flops are the elegant marriage between comfortable, practical footwear and on-trend glamorous style. What can be more perfect for any hard-working mom?

According to Amanda… the verdict is:

Flip flops will always be a staple in my wardrobe. No matter the season. Their practicality makes them the go-to item for comfort, relaxation and fun. And now that I have discovered Girl Two Doors Down’s little black flip flop I think I have found something that will keep up with my busy lifestyle and look good doing it. Yes, we can have our cake and eat it too! And look classy in the process with their crystal studded little black numbers.

My personal favourite is the Emerald Diamond Ring Black Flat. Which style would you like to accompany you through your next adventure?

Based in Toronto, Amanda is a full-time mom of 2 little monsters, creator and editor of the blog According to Amanda ( and since that isn't enough to keep her busy she also manages her own marketing consulting agency, Amanda Mercier Consulting (


  1. I could live in flip flops too! From the minute the weather is warm enough in the spring until the snow flies again, flip flops are my go-to shoe.

  2. I was surprised at how many memories I had about the flip-flops I’ve owned over the years. Who knew??

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