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Looking for a fun experience for the whole family? Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will not disappoint! Epic battles with armored knights, beautiful horsemanship, a falcon on the hunt, a feast fit for a king and all accompanied by royal princess too. Whether you’re a boy or girl or 2 or 200, you will be cheering and screaming along with the crowd! My family and I had the opportunity to go the Toronto Castle this past weekend and after the show before we had even left the kids were already asking when we could go again!


When we first arrived we were greeted as lords and ladies, given crowns and invited to take a picture with the King or Princess. We were then seated in the green section in the first row as part of the King’s Royal Package. In addition to VIP seating, the package also includes a framed group entrance photo, commemorative program, knight’s cheering banner and a behind the Scenes DVD. The seats were spectacular and it felt like we were close enough to touch the horses and knights as they passed. This is an additional $22 per person which is a little pricey, but for the VIP seating it is well worth the cost.


From the moment you enter the castle, the staff are in character and playing up the competitive and medieval atmosphere and encouraging loud boisterous cheering. The knights come and interact with the crowd throwing carnations to the ladies and award one lucky lady a “Queen of the Tournament” sash as well. Little Miss E was lucky to be the special lady chosen in our section. She was so excited and overwhelmed she was speechless!

The games and competitions were fun to watch and showed the knight’s and horse’s true athletic abilities. The knights are not just actors on horses they are truly trained athletes. The swordsmanship was very entertaining to watch. You could tell the battles were choreographed but that didn’t take anything away as the element of danger was truly there as you watched the sparks fly over and over again.

At the end of the show the King, the Princess and all of the Knights were out in the lobby area available for questions and pictures. The kids were so excited to meet their heroes! (Although it doesn’t really show in the picture!)


Medieval Times Pros:

  • I was very impressed with how friendly and helpful all of the Medieval Times staff were. Our “Man-Wench”, Corey, was fantastic and the servers also help out in the arena carrying banners and flags as squires. The kids loved pointing out Corey. The staff seemed truly happy and enjoying their job as part of the whole production.
  • The food was good, although a tad bit greasy.   I was neither disappointed, nor overly impressed conversely my husband raved about the food. I do have to say there was a TON of it. None of us were able to finish our plates.
  • Most of the seats in the house had amazing views although being in the front row made it feel like we were almost a part of the show.
  • Parking is right on site which is very convenient and was only $11 HOWEVER seasonal rates apply. If there was something big going on at the exhibition grounds that price likely sky-rockets. The website says all other locations have free on site parking.
  • At Medieval Times everyone eats with their hands. I thought it was a fun experience and the kids loved it!
  • I was a little worried that the fight scenes would be too violent and scary for my 2 and 4 year olds but it was done very tastefully. There was no gore and the actors didn’t play up the wounds or ‘deaths’. The defeated warriors limped or helped each other off the arena floor.

Medieval Times Cons:

  • Although eating with our hands was fun, it was quite messy. We were only given 1 wipe and 1 napkin each until dinner was over. That was not nearly enough, especially with 2 young kids. However, if you ask, they do provide more. Bibs for the young kids would have been a good offer as well.
  • The entire building was very clean including the bathrooms but the carpeted floors in the seating area were very dirty with ground in food.
  • Once inside the building, I found it difficult to find where to go and we weren’t given directions when we checked in. It wasn’t obvious where the arena and seats were and I completely missed the Torture Museum even though we wandered around the lobby area after the show.

Medieval Times Review and Tips for Planning Your Next Trip

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you are able to chose your seats I would recommend seats right in the middle of the arena which have the best view of the battles and jousting, although all seats have a pretty good view
  • If you purchase general admission seats arrive early since those seats are first come first serve. Doors open 75 mins before the show and don’t worry about showing up that early there is entertainment while you are waiting for the show to start too.
  • Does eating with your hands gross you out? No problem, just ask for cutlery!

According to Amanda… the verdict is:

The whole family had a spectacular time! The horsemanship was fantastic and the acting, although not academy award worthy, was a lot of fun to watch.. The competitive atmosphere made the games exciting to watch and the kids were waving their flags and yelling along with the crowds. It was a memorable night and we will be talking about it for years to come!



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In case you were wondering… Medieval Times Toronto generously provided us our admission and has donated the giveaway prize. The opinions expressed are 100% my own and I did not hold back any of my thoughts on the experience. As you know, you can always trust me to give you full and honest truth. 

Based in Toronto, Amanda is a full-time mom of 2 little monsters, creator and editor of the blog According to Amanda ( and since that isn't enough to keep her busy she also manages her own marketing consulting agency, Amanda Mercier Consulting (


  1. Medieval Times is so much fun!! It’s a great way to enjoy time together across the generations!

  2. luis trivino Says: April 4, 2016 at 3:51 am

    I will make plan to take the family to Medieval Times soon

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