Kids Say the CRAZIEST Things! Advice & Opinions

I can’t believe what comes out of the mouth of my kids! Sometimes it’s crazy, sometimes it’s wildly intelligent, sometimes it’s down-right mean and sometimes it’s shockingly hilarious.  I think all kids go through this stage where imagination meets new experiences meets no-filter. The most hilarious and/or shocking quotes always make their way onto the proud (or shameful depending on circumstances) parents Facebook wall. My girlfriend’s two daughters (J age 2 and R age 4) take this to a whole new level! For years I have been literally laughing out loud at their antics and had to share it with all of you. If you thought your kids were hilarious, see what these little girls are saying!

Have your kids said something completely off the wall?
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Kids Say The Crazies Things! What happens when imagination meets new experiences meets no-filter???


R & J Say Craziest Things!


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  1. These are hilarious! So good. Thank you for the laughs!

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