_SLY4480Welcome to According to Amanda! As you may have guessed, my name is Amanda, and I love sharing my thoughts and experiences about pretty much everything. My philosophy is that everything (well almost everything) is worth trying at least once. Whether it be reviews on something as safe as the newest children’s toy to testing out chalk paint in a DIY project to the stomach-churning experience of sky diving. You can trust me to let you know if it was worth it. Make sure you follow my blog so you can save your hard-earned money for what gets my official stamp of approval.

Life is the sum of your experiences – why not try all of them?!

A Bit About Myself

  • I am wife to my wonderful husband, Mr. D, and mom to our two crazy kids, Miss E who is 4 and the Z-Man who is 2
  • I am what you would call a text book extrovert: friendly, outgoing and love talking to pretty much everyone about everything
  • I am embarrassingly honest and am definitely an over-sharer. I believe you can’t make good decisions unless you have all the facts: the good, the bad AND the gory.
  • My life would never be complete without my fur-babies!
  • My family and I love travel and adventure!
  • I love all things outdoors! Hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, just to name a few.
  • Even though I never took more than basic science in highschool, I have a deep appreciation and thirst for understanding how this crazy world works.
  • The environment is very important to me and I always strive to find better ways to minimize my footprint on the planet
  • I am definitely not a chef but I do try to provide good wholesome home cooked meals for my family. You won’t find any complex recipes here!
  • I love to share my tips and tricks to stretch your dollar. Kids and life are expensive!

Want a taste of what to expect at According to Amanda?

  • I love interviewing experts so I can pass on valuable information such as with The Truth About Dog Food
  • Need to relax on the couch after a stressful day with the kids? Check out my monthly I HEART Wine Club posts to know which wines get my stamp of approval!
  • Looking for a fun place to take the kids to run off some steam? I love to review travel destinations and experiences such as Sky Zone
  • You can expect honest and candid reviews and experiences on all things family as found in my post on one of the hottest bento boxes on the market YumBox
  • Watch me glue my hands together and give you step-by-step DIY instructions like I did in my recent Barn Board Growth Chart project
  • I may not be a chef but I do cook every day for the family and love to share simple and easy recipes – COMING SOON!

I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me what you’d like me to review or your thoughts on something I have already I reviewed. Or maybe just message me to say hi! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+. You can also head over to my contact page for a list of ways to reach me. Want to work together? Check out my partnership opportunities page to learn more about what I can do for you.


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All of the amazing professional images of myself and the kids that are found on About Me page, Partnership Opportunities page, Contact page as well as my profile images are courtesy of the very talented Gillian Gillespie of Soundslikeyellow Photography